Our Expertise

What We Do

Livestock husbandry

We advice on the day-to-day care and the raising of livestock. And because we also own our farm, we do engage in on farm research which makes us to be better positioned to understand what your flock/herd require. Our competence covers all aspects of livestock production, including nutrition, selective breeding and ARTs, health and welfare. We encompass both the science and applied aspects of animal feeding, breeding and healthcare.

Livestock Housing and Equipment

We design and construct livestock housing appropriate for each locality and level of operation. Automation level  is carefully adjusted to allow for flexibility, capability and managerial ability. A  careful balance is struck between the welfare of the animals and removing drudgery from the farm(ers). We supply and install all types of livestock equipments from major manufacturers around the world.

Proposal and Feasibility Reports

We analyse the viability of your proposed livestock venture. We investigate a variety of ways of organizing your farm business and positioning your products in the marketplace.

Farm Business Management

We assist you to be sufficiently flexible, mentally and financially, to adjust the management of your available resources to meet the challenges of varying costs, prices, markets and climatic conditions.

Farm Auditing

We assist livestock farm to appraise their performance against national and international standards. Through our computer generated reports we can identify leaking spots and dead ends in any livestock operations and also help to proffer  lasting solution(s).

Training and Conferencing

We organize both boardroom and on-farm training for farm staffs to increase their technical competence. Our training programme is tailored towards the needs of every farm and companies. We cooperate with associations to organize standard and impactful conferences and seminars.

Information and Communication Technology

We facilitate accessibility, sharing, exchange, dissemination and usage of livestock knowledge, such as market prices updates, industry news and product listing. We design and host websites for livestock establishments to enhance their visibility and product marketing.